Welcome To The Chain Ad!

We are all familiar with the chain letter. We have all gotten one at some point. When a chain letter went viral, it generated tons of responses.

The Chain-Ad works the very same way, except there is absolutely no money involved. You are not asked to buy anything!. Instead, to get your Banner Ad in the number 1 spot, all you have to do is read the 5 Banner Ads shown below. When you have done that, you will be presented a form that will allow you to enter your Banner Ad. You will then get an email with the link to your very own Chain-Ad with your Banner Ad in the number one spot AND a tutorial on how to use this powerful advertising page to your advantage.



Launch This Deceptively Simple Page

If only 10 people take your offer at level 1 and each participant gets 10 people each, You will realize at least 100,000 views of your Banner Ad before it drops off. Every participant who adds their banner and promotes the page becomes part of your list.

A Powerful Advertising Page Ready To Go!

Once you have created your very own Chain ad, we host it for you and help you manage your list in the Verified-Signup.com Back office. You can purchase as many Chain Ads as you have programs to promote.