Save Time And Money Promoting!

You can spend countless hours sending out emails, Traffic Exchange Surfing, doing text ads, or just cold calling your friends to promote your favorite program or...


You can buy verified referrals to your favorite affiliate program for as little as $1.00 each. The benefit of this is that now you can spend your precious time promoting to a dedicated downline.

What YOU Get!

When you buy your signups, they must be verified and validated by you that they have joined your downline. They only get paid for joining if they are approved by you.


It is imperative. that you verify each and every signup. Failing to do so could lead to having your account suspended.

The More You Pay, The Faster They Join.

You can pay as much as $4.00 per signup, or as little as $1.00 per signup.


The advantage of paying more per signup is that there are certain programs that are very popular and the more you pay per signup, the faster they will join your program.


There may be dozens of Traffic Monsoon Affiliate programs that are being promoted. If you pay more per signup, it will be displayed above others and will attract more signups, faster.