Earn A Part Time Income!

You can earn from $.50 to $2.00 for each signup you complete. All programs have been verified as being FREE to join, so no cost or obligation on your part.

If you promote Verified-Signups.com, then any Affiliate Programs your immediate downline joins, earns you an additional $.25 to $1.00 each.

What YOU Need To Do!

In order to be fair to our clients, you need to verify that you have actually joined their program. It is easy to do. After you have joined a program, save your referral link/ID. The click the Verify My Signups in the Navigation Bar. Enter your referral link/ID and submit.

Your Upline will either Approve your link or reject it for not being correct. Once approved, you automatically have $.50 to $2.00 added to your account, ready for withdrawal.

Earning Potential

You can spend hours per day on PTC sites clicking for mere tenths of a penny each click, or you can make real money with Verified-Signups.com. Here's How:

Lets assume that you join an average of 5 Free Programs a day, for which you are approved. Over thrity days, you have earned $75.00. That not all!
Lets also assume that you have 5 downline who do the same each day. You will earn a whopping $187.50 over 30 days. Thats a total of $262.00 a month. Total time spent is about 10 minutes a day!

Warning! This is not a statement of guarantee. Earnings may vary and there are no guarantees made or implied.